About parachute

Parachute is Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention


About parachute

Parachute is Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention

Why Parachute needs your support

Preventable injuries kill more Canadian children than any single disease and more youth than all other causes combined. Parachute’s mission is to keep Canadians active and safe at home, at play, and on the move.

Our purpose

Parachute addresses Canada’s leading causes of injuries, focusing on sports and recreation, and motor vehicle crashes. Our programs and initiatives address keeping Canadians free from serious injury while they are active at home, at play, and on the move.

We are driving nation-changing initiatives to make this country safer.

Our successes

Parachute Vision Zero brings together road safety experts and communities across Canada, committed to the vision that there are no “accidents” on our roads – they and the injuries they cause are preventable.

We are the national leader on new awareness and education about avoiding, recognizing and managing concussion, including the country’s first Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport, released in 2017.

There are many more issues, and so much more to do.

Our leadership

In its five-year history, Parachute has achieved remarkable things. We have experts advisors from across Canada who support us. We are driven by the passion and commitment to excellence modelled by our CEO and President, Olympian Steve Podborski.

Looking forward, there are so many more injury risks that need to find their best parachute, whether that’s education, better product or envi- ronmental design, better treatment, changes in knowledge and attitude, better laws, or a combination of all these.

With your help, we can create and open more parachutes. Save more lives. And embrace safety. We can create a Canada free of serious injuries... with Canadians living long lives to the fullest.

We educate

... about what’s hazardous, and how to do things in a safer way. From National Teen Driver Safety Week to concussion-awareness Brain Waves, we run national education programs and public awareness campaigns reaching tens of thousands of Canadians. We find the latest evidence on how best to prevent injury and share it. We are a resource for everyone, from new parents to seasoned public health professionals.

We advocate

Safety can be designed. Often, it needs to be legislated. We advocate for laws that will enforce the best practices we’ve learned that keep vulnerable people safer.